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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Worthy Members,

Here are two of our service programs and two benefits services available to knights and their families:

  1. Into the Breach: www.kofc....
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Fraternal Operations During COVID-19

All the resources you need as a Brother Knight during the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.
Faith in Action Program Updates Amidst COVID-19

As the coro...

Monday, May 06, 2019

Welcome to Victoria Council #1256‘s website.

Victoria Council 1256’s website is open to the public to find news of council events, project listings...

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Experience of a Lifetime

Being a Knight is the Experience of a Lifetime. Knights come from all walks of life and seek to be a greater part their world.
We would love you and your family to join us on the journey.

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes is a nine-part video series featuring different Knights serving their family and communities.

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Not Your Average Joe

A Touchdown for Life

Grace in the Eye of the Storm


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A Knight of the 1st Degree
Deceased: 1 October 2012

Recent Prayers

Please pray for: Prayer for the repose of the soul of Aunt Sharon Williams, mother, grand-mother, sister and friend. A most beloved member of her community. Sharon emptied her self of personal needs and stood as the rock upon which so many depended upon her for compassionate caring and having a shoulder upon which they could always rely on for comfort and a pathway to faith in the Lord, our God.
Please pray for: Brother Pat Zanichelli was in the Heart Function Clinic at Royal Jubilee Hospital, with the likely plan for future surgery. Please remember Brother Pat, his wife, Dianne, and their family in your prayers.

Lord, Hear our prayers.
Please pray for: We pray to the Lord for His Mercy and Healing for my cousin Sheilah's healing and recovery from brain surgery for a tumor and that no cancer is found.
Lord hear our prayers.
Please pray for: Dear Brothers
I am a parishioner at Our Lady of Fatima and member of council 1256. It is with great sadness that I let you know, father Marinaldo Batista who is also a brother of our council, is not doing well due to Covid-19 and is I need of all our prayers.
Father went to visit his ageing parents in Brazil. His father, mother and brother contracted covid. They lost their father and now father Marinaldo is in hospital and not doing well at all. The situation is quite grave.
God bless
Please pray for him
Kind Regards,
John Carreiro
Please pray for: Brother Steve asks for prayers for his 90 year old father who has just been admitted to hospital in Ontario.